Taylor Halloway

Community Service Spotlight

Taylor Holloway is a beautiful, four year old girl with a rare, genetic disorder, Mowat-Wilson Syndrome(MWS). Taylor has been a joy since she's entered this world battling health obstacles with strength, endurance, and perseverance.

MWS affects Taylor's overall developmental progress (such as sitting, crawling, and walking) at a significantly slower rate than average. Taylor is non-verbal but still finds alternative ways to express herself through assistive technology, gestures, and sounds. Most children affected with MWS have no speech or may speak words but speech in everyone is negatively impacted. Comprehension is better than her speech ability and the challenge is finding ways to get her to be able to express herself without being able to speak or to have the fine motor control to write, use devices, or even point. Taylor has continuously shown her family that she is enjoying her life on great levels even with her disability and limitations. She usually has a happy demeanor and smiles frequently and has her way of letting you know when she's not feeling well or bothered about something. Taylor suffers from seizures, which are under control by medication. Taylor has had several surgeries for ear tubes and her vision corrected.

Taylor receives O/T, P/T, Feeding, Speech, and Assistive Technology services. She is followed by Genetics, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Physical Medicine, and ENT. Even with her hectic schedule and demanding obligations to care for her, she brings an absolute joy to all in her life. She attends pre-k at a center that specializes in special needs children and is preparing for Kindergarten next Fall that will focus on Life Skills.

Taylor loves without judgement and embraces those that give her genuine, authentic, judge-free positive love!

Please show Taylor some love! 😘

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