Eric Mayo

Community Service Spotlight

Eric truly lives a life without limits because he doesn't know they exists. Limits are a learned behavior and one that Eric choose not to participate in. He addresses every day as a day of celebration. He awakes at 6am (give or take depending if his favorite team played late the night before, lol) ready to conquer another day. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want. I'll turn his light on and walk away to give him a minute to make his way. If I don't he'll start telling me what to do and where to go (go to work... LOL). In other words give me a minute... I've learned over time to allow him to be who God has created him to be and not who I think he should be. Once he finishes his stretch, and laying in bed for a few seconds, he begins his routine of bathing and brushing his teeth while jokingly saying "I can't be stinkin... I have to take a bath" LOL. Then he directs his breakfast requests (he must have a hot breakfast everyday) which kicks off his day. Off to college (he says) while boarding his bus and greeting everyone in sight while saying "what's up man, how you doing?" even to women, lol. He's indeed a breath of fresh air and leaves a great impression everywhere. Damarjay who is Eric younger brother affectionately adapts to the roll of older brother when support is needed. Eric enjoys teasing him by calling him by his childhood nick name (TuTu). DaMarjay use to get upset and Eric would fall out laughing. Now, D embraces TuTu and only answers to Eric when that nick name is mentioned. It's a blessing to see their relationship blossom.

How do we beat the odds?

We just Beat them. We believe the report of the Lord and stay FOCUSED on that. I'm often asked how do I do all that I do and my resounding response is I Just Do it. I don't think about it. Thinking creates waiting and waiting creates limits and limits creates obstacles that otherwise wouldn't exist. It has to be done, right? SO, just do it!

Erics diagnosis was Cerebral palsy. However, I don't embrace diagnosis. I embrace possibilities. And all things are possible when you believe. We believe God! So when they said he'd never walk, talk, hear or be able to reason to make his own decisions, I embraced the possibility of the opposite happening. He walks, he talks, he can hear and boiii ooo boii does he reason. This guy makes his own decisions, schedule his vacations months in advance, negotiates his participation in events (he wouldn't ordinarily willingly attend) to get a game or something he wants. He doesn't ask for much, but when he does he has devised a plan for you. This guy, My favorite 23yr old is AMAZO. I'm happy to have him in my life. He makes me better daily. - Mom

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