Meiko Katari

Community Service Spotlight

A 7 year old who is full of love and energy. Meiko came home at birth a healthy child. 6 months later he was diagnosed with microcephaly, global developmental delays, vision and hearing impairments, just to name a few. Meiko’s mother, Tiffany was devastated, how did her precious baby go from being happy and healthy to severely ill. With every doctor’s appointment came another diagnoses, the appointments never had a positive outcome. Tiffany was determined to find the cause of the rapid change in Meiko’s health. With no support, she begin to pray and ask GOD for guidance. At 3 years old, Meiko’s love ones decided to do a fund raiser for a Genetic Test. Test revealed information that was already known about Meiko’s disabilities. Meiko’s chromosomes attacked themselves while in his mothers womb. In others words, Meiko had done this to himself. Tiffany pushed the genetic test lab to provide more research and information as to why. 3 years later and ongoing research, Tiffany still had no reasons why. The Genetic Test lab reached out and asked to redo Meiko’s genetic test FREE OF CHARGE! Within 6 months, they received a syndrome for Mr. Meiko. At age 7, Meiko was diagnosed with White-Sutton Syndrome. White-Sutton is very rare, there is little to no research available, but it described Meiko to a T.

Meiko attends PGCPS. He is capable of functioning as a normal 7 year old, when his brain is functioning. Meiko has walked independently, eaten food oral, and communicated verbally. 90% of the time Meiko is at a 9-12 month age range, and his each and every need must be meet by a caregiver. Tiffany holds full time employment with the Federal Government, therefore she receives no support or assistance for Meiko. Caring for Meiko is extremely frustrating and difficult, but Tiffany is passionate about making sure Meiko isn’t lacking in anything and that he is always treated equally.

Meiko has brought so much joy, love and patience to everyone’s path that he crosses. But most important he has brought his mother closer to her CREATOR. Tiffany says: “They say, children are a SPECIAL gift from GOD, and I must say Mr. Meiko is most certainly special! He has changed my entire outlook on life.”

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