Nico Settles

Community Service Spotlight

Meet Nicole and Rays son, Nico. Nico is a happy, healthy and funny 13 year old boy. He also has Autism. You could never tell by how he appears, huh? Exactly! That's what is so frustrating about the disorder.

Nico is nonverbal and attends school in Prince Georges County Maryland. Through a long battle to find the appropriate environment for him, Nico's parents found a good fit for him in the CRI (Community Reference Instruction) program. Nico is in a general education setting with his typical peers, however he is contained for instruction. The fact he has exposure to typical peers is huge. He gains so much from them. It is also good for the typical population as it teaches them patience, kindness and compassion.

Nico has come a long way and is making measurable progress. Nico is the oldest of three Children. Younger siblings are Shane and Sameera. Living with Autism is not easy. It has its challenges. His parents do what is best for them and it works. Having Nico made them really appreciate each other and they don't take anything for granted.

Nicole (mom) is so happy that the awareness around Autism is steadily increasing. Acceptance is key!

His family and friends love Nico so much! To know him is to LOVE him. "He has changed my world for the better. My son has made me a better me. I feel honored to be his Mom!" - Nicole

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